Selecting HVLS Fans Brands

 AmeriWInd Warehouse fans arefantastic. Warehouse managers who purchase them are ecstatic about their energyefficiency. Employees who work beneath them praise them for providing reliefand comfort. Accountants appreciate their ability to boost productivity.

It's no surprise that several manufacturers have jumped on the HVLS bandwagon in recent years. Choosing the right one has never been more challenging, with numerous brands and countless options, models, styles, and configurations.

Until now, that is. AmeriWind Fans, theworld leader in HVLS fan innovation provides a quick guide to selecting thebest HVLS fans. You should now be able to make an informed decision about yournext HVLS fan purchase.


If you were to compare all of the significantHVLS fan brands sides by side, your first impression would most likely be thatthey all look very similar. Most (if not all) manufacturers promote maximumairflow and energy efficiency. Furthermore, many include optional features suchas touchscreen controls.

The details make all the difference. Acloser look at each fan will reveal some subtle (and some not-so-subtle)differences in airfoil design. The fan's performance is affected by its width,length, shape, angle, and tip design. Some of these distinctions may appearminor, but slight differences in performance add up over time.

The level of support for each HVLS fanbrand varies as well. Warranties, maintenance plans, and ongoing service varyby company. Ensure you understand how much assistance you'll receive throughoutthe process, from model selection to installation and post-purchase support.


AmeriWind Fans are  the safest bet when selecting an HVLS fan—abrand that will deliver without a doubt. We have been engineering, designing,and manufacturing HVLS fans and controls for a long time.

Even though AmeriWind Fans is an industry leaderin HVLS fans, we never rest on our laurels. Our team is constantly testing,researching, and discovering new and better ways to provide maximum airflowwhile using the least energy.

When you buy an HVLS fan from AmeriWindFans, you get the full support of our entire team. Our work does not end onceyour fan is installed. We are here to help you and provide personal service forany needs or questions. We are your long-term airflow partners.

Using an Ameriwind fan in the winter is a great way to save energy and money while providing a more comfortable environment for your employees. Contact us today at 610-987-0488 to learn more about how we can help you create a custom big fan solution for your space.

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