Introducing industrial ceiling fans for warehouses. 

An whole industry can occasionally be disrupted by a new product. A completely new industry is spawned by something so revolutionary.

After warehouse industrial ceiling fans entered the market in the late 1990s, major industrial facilities began to drastically change how they dealt with hot, humid surroundings. They keep workers comfortable and more effective in their professions today, and you can find them in thousands of warehouses throughout the world.

Why are these particular fans so powerful? Does your warehouse require one? How do you decide which one to pick?


Everyone enjoys air conditioning, especially in regions where the temperature rises dramatically. However, due to the high expense of installation and maintenance, huge warehouses typically lack air conditioning.

However, employees who work in warm warehouses without air conditioning find it difficult to concentrate and remain productive for eight hours a day. Heat exhaustion sets in when the temperature inside begins to rise to uncomfortably high levels. Their bodies become hotter, their hearts beat faster, and their brains turn toward cooling the body down. A person's ability to focus on their work can be hampered by even minor symptoms.

Results are consistently detrimental. Reduced productivity translates into decreased business earnings. Additionally, the health of your employees suffers, which frequently results in absenteeism and higher employee attrition.


An excellent alternative to HVAC for warehouses is the use of industrial ceiling fans. They circulate air in a way that makes workers feel cooler even when they don't lower the room's temperature. They instantly feel more at ease as the wind passes over their perspiring skin, their body temperature drops, and they regain the energy to concentrate on their work.


There are numerous manufacturers and distributors who supply industrial ceiling fans for warehouses due to how popular they have grown. How can you decide which model is best for your warehouse when there are hundreds to pick from?

AmeriWind Fans, is the ideal place to start. The best-selling fan in our lineup is the2HP 24ft T series. Since 2008, we have created and improved HVLS warehouse fans and associated controls.

AmeriWind Fans strives to make selecting and buying an industrial ceiling fan as simple as possible.

Obtain a price estimate for industrial ceiling fans for your warehouse.

Get in touch with a member of the AmeriWind Fans air flow team. We'll go over your options with you, show you how they work, and make sure you have all the facts you need to choose wisely.

You will enjoy your industrial ceiling fans just as much as our warehouse clients do. Get your free analysis and consultation by contacting us right away.


Using an Ameriwind fan in the winter is a great way to save energy and money while providing a more comfortable environment for your employees. Contact us today at 610-987-0488 to learn more about how we can help you create a custom big fan solution for your space.

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