A big ceiling fan above a car lift
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Big Ceiling Fans for Auto and Truck Repair Shops

Big Fan Features
  • Low maintenance
  • Efficient design
  • Saves fuel on heating in winter
  • Strongest airfoils on the market
  • Works for all temperatures
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Saves Electric
  • Mounts easily in most shops
A Focus on Results
Here at Ameriwind, we do more than sell industrial shop fans, we solve problems. Sheldon from I78 Truck Center found that out first hand when he came to Ameriwind looking for a fan to cool his shop in the evening after he closed his doors to keep people from coming. With his new fan he can stay cool and have peace and quiet.
Cool and Comfortable

Do you strive for a cooler, quieter environment in your shoparea? Our big ceiling fans can circulate air to make things more comfortable in summer and in winter, all while saving electricity.

Industrial Ceiling Fans for auto service and repairTruck Shop with a big ceiling fanA ceiling fan in a truck shop
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