How To Pick An Ameriwind Industrial Large Fan

The comfort of your warehouse workers is vital if you want them to be productive and happy at work. When warehouses are too hot, too cold, too dusty, or too humid, it can be challenging for the average worker to stay focused and keep up enough physical energy to work all day.

Because of this, warehouses are getting more and more industrial-sized fans. They are a very effective and energy-efficient way to cool down overheated and stifling work areas. They are also much cheaper than installing and running air conditioning.

A big industrial fan will help your business a lot. Let's take a closer look at how putting these fans in your warehouse can help your team work faster and make more money for your business.

Types Of Large Industrial Fans

AmeriWind has two main models of large industrial fans (also called HVLS fans or high-volume, low-speed fans) on the market right now:

2 HP Direct Drive T-series

The AmeriWind HVLS fan that sells the most is the 2402T. It is strong, tough, and safe. It is made with 5 airfoils and sizes ranging from 18 feet in diameter to a massive 30 feet. This large industrial fan doesn't have a gearbox or oil that can leak. It can be installed in I-beams, bar joists, solid beams, and purlins, among other warehouse structures.

1 Hp E-series Direct Drive

This fan is mounted on the ceiling and has a direct-drive motor that runs almost silently no matter how fast it is going. They sizeranges from 12 to 18ft in diameter. One of the main reasons people buy this model is because it uses less energy. Each part was made to work well. The E-series can handle the worst conditions your warehouse can throw at it, keeping your team as comfortable and productive as possible.

How Ameriwind Helps Customers Pick Out Large Industrial Fans

AmeriWind's airflow experts have made it easier than ever to choose the right industrial large warehouse fan. We start by asking you a few simple questions to figure out what you need:

Where does air flow need to be improved?

Next, we walk you through your options, such as technical features, integration with security or fire suppression systems, or control panels. There are a lot of choices and features, but we'll give you all the information and help you need to make a good decision.

Finally, we'll help you make a decision without having to guess. We take the measurements of your building and, with your help, make a plan for how they will work.

Contact Us For Help Buying Large Industrial Fans

We work hard to make the process of choosing, buying, and installing a large industrial fan as easy and fun as possible. Contact one of our airflow experts today to see how an AmeriWind fan can keep your team comfortable and working.


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