Four Impressive HVLS Industrial Fans Facts

How well do you know HVLS industrial fans? The average person knows they are large, but most people are unaware of some more fascinating facts about these extraordinary machines.

Here are some facts about warehouse ceiling fans that often surprise people.

Fact #1: HVLS Industrial Fans Do Not Cool The Room.

When it gets hot in a warehouse, almost everyone asks, "How can we make it cooler in here?"

Air conditioning is the most obvious solution. A/C circulates cooler air into a room, lowering the temperature to a more comfortable level. The issue with air conditioning is that it is costly. Installing HVAC in a large building, such as a warehouse, can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and running it during the hot months can be costly as well, costing tens of thousands of dollars per month.

HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) industrial fans are a popular alternative to air conditioning because they are significantly less expensive to install and operate. They keep employees comfortable for a fraction of the cost of air conditioning and can be run continuously for less than $1 per day(depending on your local energy prices).

The room temperature is not lowered by HVLS industrial fans. Instead, they create pressure, which circulates air throughout the structure. The breeze from the fan makes a person feel cooler by blowing across their sweaty skin. So, while the thermometer reads 86° F (30° C), it feels closer to 72° F (22° C).

Surprisingly, both air conditioners and fans use the same scientific concept—evaporative cooling—but in different ways. However, the effect is similar—the body can lower its temperature, allowing blood to flow where it is needed for a person to think and perform normally.

Fact #2: HVLS Industrial Fans Can Help You Earn More Money

True, HVLS industrial fans can help your company's bottom line. This is how.

An overheated warehouse is dangerous for your workers. When the indoor temperature rises significantly above normal, workers' body temperatures rise as well. They perspire, lose energy, and their brain activity slows. As a result, productivity suffers, sometimes significantly. The hotter it gets, the less likely your team is to complete their work consistently and accurately.

Numerous studies have shown that workers need a comfortable environment to stay healthy and productive. Employees are best able to focus and perform physical activities when the room temperature is within the proper range (typically 70 to 72° F).

As a result, their productivity is most likely at its peak. And, with productivity running at peak levels, your company's bottom line will be running as well.

Fact #3: The Slower The Better

When you're at home during the summer, you know how nice it is to sit beneath a ceiling fan. The constant, cool breeze caresses your sweaty skin, providing much-needed relief. The faster your fan spins, the cooler you will feel.

This is not the case with HVLS industrial fans. These fans, as the name implies, run at a slower speed than their smaller cousins. This is because they do not need to spin at high speeds to circulate large amounts of air. HVLS fans can produce massive airflow even in large rooms like warehouses due to their extra-long airfoils (up to 30 feet in diameter), efficient motor, and unique design.

Take a look at the figures. Regular residential ceiling fans have speeds ranging from 200 to 380 RPM (revolutions per minute). HVLS industrial fans, on the other hand, rotate at a much slower rate—40 to 200 RPM.HVLS fans are powerful enough to circulate a large amount of air with little effort because they are so efficient.

The benefits of a slower-running fan are significant. They use a small amount of energy to operate, which helps to keep your utility bill slow. Furthermore, the consistent airflow keeps everyone cool without causing noise or motion disruptions.

Fact #4: Ameriwind Fans Are The Best In The World

That is, of course, what we would say. We believe it as well. AmeriWind Fans creates cutting-edge HVLS warehouse fans using industrial-grade parts and materials. They are built to last decades, providing highly effective and efficient airflow in even the most extreme conditions.

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Using an Ameriwind fan in the winter is a great way to save energy and money while providing a more comfortable environment for your employees. Contact us today at 610-987-0488 to learn more about how we can help you create a custom big fan solution for your space.

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