Ceiling Fans for Bedded Pack

Proper air flow is needed for the comfort and productivity of livestock. Our efficient ceiling fans dry wet manure pack bedding. The animals stay  comfortable as well. Since the fans one big fan will replace many several panel fans you will save on your electricity bills.

Compost Bed Pack with Ceiling fans

Do you see a decrease in milk production and an increase in mastitis and abortions during the hot, humid days of summer?

Big ceiling fans move air and keep cows cooler and more comfortable so they can do what they do best…make milk.

Big Ceiling fans for bedded pack dairy barns

Do you  use too much bedding ?

AmeriWind ceiling fans  force air down on bedding, keeping it dried out. After the fans are installed, most all manure bedded packs go to 2x to 3x as long between beddings.

Ceiling fan in a Dairy Barn

Do your cows congregate at one spot to fight off flies, and  create a wet, sloppy bedding area?

Flies don't like moving air. Because our fans move air a huge column of air, it keeps the flies away off of the animals. Don't let your animals pack in a circle and not eat.

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Big Fan Features

  • Low Maintenance. No belts or gears.
  • Efficient Design. Direct magnet drive motor
  • Strongest blades on the market
  • Works for all temperatures
  • Variable Speed control
  • Saves Electric
  • Mounts easily between trusses
  • Steel building attachments available
Compost Bed pack barn with ceiling fans
Big ceiling fans in a compost bed pack barn

Big Fan Benefits

  • Better performance - comfortable animals perform better
  • Cleaner livestock - from dryer bedding
  • Less bedding needed. - Bedded pack areas reported 75% less bedding needed

What our "Big Fans" are saying

We installed 2 AmeriWind ceiling fans and ran them for a couple years, now it has come to the point we can’t do without them. We have dryer bedding and our cows are more comfortable.

Teresa Davis
Kempton PA

Our summer energy usage dropped 16,000 kWh after replacing our panel fans with two 24ft AmeriWind ceiling fans. The cows don’t bunch anymore, and it keeps it dry enough so we don’t need to bed in the summer anymore. It was one of the best decisions we ever made.

Arlan Wenger
Dayton VA

They are working better than advertised. We gained 3 things.Tremendous bedding reduction, more milk, and fewer flies on the cows.

Ken Miller
Chester Springs PA

"The heifer bedded pack only uses 1/3rd of the bedding as before. Everybody with bedded pack should have these fans”

Eli Zimmerman
Fleetwood PA
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