Fans for bedded pack

Ceiling Fans for Bedded Pack

Proper air flow is needed for the comfort and productivity of livestock. Our efficient ceiling fans dry wet manure pack bedding. The animals stay comfortable as well. Since the fans one big fan will replace many several panel fans you will save on your electricity bills.

Do you see a decrease in milk production and an increase in mastitis and abortions during the hot, humid days of summer?

Big ceiling fans move air and keep cows cooler and more comfortable so they can do what they do best…make milk.

Do you use too much bedding ?

AmeriWind ceiling fans force air down on bedding, keeping it dried out. After the fans are installed, most all manure bedded packs go to 2x to 3x as long between beddings.

Do your cows congregate at one spot to fight off flies, and create a wet, sloppy bedding area?

Flies don't like moving air. Because our fans move air a huge column of air, it keeps the flies away off of the animals. Don't let your animals pack in a circle and not eat.


Big Fan Features

Low Maintenance. No belts or gears.
Efficient Design. Direct magnet drive motor
Strongest blades on the market
Works for all temperatures
Variable Speed control
Saves Electric
Mounts easily between trusses
Steel building attachments available

Big Fan Benefits

Better performance - comfortable animals perform better
Cleaner livestock - from dryer bedding
Less bedding needed.  - Bedded pack areas reported 75% less bedding needed

Cows can freely roam and lie down in any configuration they like in either deep-bedded or compost-bedded pack barns. Manure is retained and handled in its solid state.

Unlike an anaerobic deep-bedded pack, a composted pack requires daily rototilling or turning for active composting. Sawdust, wood shavings, chopped hay, or straw are used in both systems and are added as needed.
Complete cleaning occurs once a year, with the pack distributed onto fields at the best time.
The advantage of composted manure is the biology that converts ammonia into a stable form of nitrogen.

The barns are straightforward. The most expensive aspect of the design is the bedding.
Bedded pack barns reduce hock troubles and are gentler on aged cows. The system's lower capital cost and absence of a separate manure handling or storage system are advantages.

Cows are herd animals by nature. They behave more naturally when they are part of a bedded group. Heats are simpler to spot since they may circulate freely among the cows.

If bedding is required more than once each week, it indicates overstocking. The composting bacteria are kept active by maintaining an internal pack temperature of 120°F to 130°F.

Most barns are built to allow a depth of at least  4  feet before being hauled. A big benefit of the bedded pack is only needing to haul it once each year.
The bottom 6 inches of the pack stays in the barn as a "starter" for composting the new materials.

AmeriWind fans are used in many compost pack barns to help keep bedding dry,  cool cows, and prevent respiratory. If you are having problems and are unsure, give us a call. Together, we can figure out a solution. 

What our "Big Fans" are saying

We decided to install Ameriwind fans rather than circulating fans because there was not a big difference in the initial cost of the fans. Plus, the cost of running the Ameriwind fans is considerably less because they require less voltage. And, the Ameriwind fans push air down and creates air movement between the cows and throughout the barn.

Lamar Zimmerman
Martindale, PA

I manage the shop and do the really technical repairs after hours for better concentration.  If I leave the doors open, people keep coming. If I close the doors it gets so hot.  With the big 18” AmeriWind ceiling fan, I can leave the front doors shut, and it's still comfortable. I really appreciate how well the fan works.

Sheldon Musser
I78 Truck Center

We first had another brand of large ceiling fan in our shop, then we also installed several AmeriWind fans. The AmeriWind fans move the same amount of air, but they don't make near as much noise. We like the fact that AmeriWind is a direct drive so it doesn't have a noisy gearbox like the other brand.

Sam Stolzfus
Dutch Transport

We eliminated the mold on our pallets by installing 6 AmeriWind fans above our pallet storage area. The fans have worked very well

MHP Pallet
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