Do You Need High-Volume Industrial Ceiling Fans?

Are your employees overheated? Should you be concerned? 

According to a recent poll, more than half of American workers consider their working conditions to be "unpleasant" or" potentially hazardous." According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 3 million work-related injuries and illnesses were reported in 2020.

Employers have a legal "duty of care" to protect their employees from unreasonable risks. In a warehouse, one of the most common risks is exposure to hazardous working conditions such as extreme heat, humidity, and dust. These environments not only reduce productivity but also create hazardous conditions that can harm a person's health and well-being.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution for creating a comfortable environment for your warehouse or factory employees: high-volume industrial ceiling fans.

Why Choose Industrial Ceiling Fans With High Volume?

Customers claim that using high-volume industrial ceiling fans has two primary benefits: saving energy and increasing employee comfort.

Both of these advantages can have a direct impact on a business's bottom line. Their utility bills are much lower because they useless electricity than they would if they had air conditioning. Companies can also increase productivity, ensure the well-being of their employees, and avoid more sick days and resignations due to harsh working conditions by providing a comfortable environment for them.

High-volume industrial ceiling fans are a cost-effective and energy-efficient way to deal with extreme heat or cold in your warehouse or industrial facility. If you choose the right one, you'll have consistent, quiet, and highly effective airflow that will keep your employees happy and productive.

How Do You Select One For Your Warehouse?

High-volume industrial ceiling fans are intended to circulate large amounts of air throughout a large structure, such as aware house or gymnasium. They're much larger (some reach up to 30 feet in diameter) and come with a variety of options, such as security and safety features designed specifically for industrial buildings, than standard ceiling fans you'd find in your bedroom.

There are several features to consider when selecting a high-volume industrial ceiling fan:

HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) ceiling fans typically range in diameter from 8 feet to 30 feet (2.4 to 9.1 meters). The size you select is usually determined by the dimensions of the building in which they will be installed. The largest fans can provide up to 25,000 square feet of air circulation coverage (more than 2,300 square meters).

Energy Efficiency

The cost of running a high-volume industrial ceiling fan varies depending on the local cost of electricity and the fan's features. The motor, airfoil design, and installation configuration can all impact how much energy a fan requires to run. If you want to save energy and money, this should be a priority in your search for the perfect fan.

Features Of Technology

Many HVLS fans are capable of much more than just circulating air. Industrial ceiling fans can be found that integrate with other building systems such as security, HVAC, and fire suppression. Most fans come with either wired or wireless remote controls or LCD touchscreens that simplify programming.

SAFETY An industrial ceiling fan is the type of equipment most people install and then forget about. It runs, does its job, and you don't have to be concerned about it. However, because high-volume industrial ceiling fans are large and heavy, they must be completely secure. Some HVLS fans include various safety features, including redundant features that provide additional protection if any part fails.

Noisy Fans are excellent ways to stay cool, but they can also be quite loud and disruptive. Premium HVLS fans, particularly those with industrial direct-drive motors, are designed to be quiet. Those who require ceiling fans' positive effects without disruption should prioritize this feature.

Ameriwind High-Volume Industrial Ceiling Fans

AmeriWind  provides a selection of high-volume industrial ceiling fans for use in warehouses and other large structures.

We make it simple for you to select the right fan by providing expert advice and measurable analysis of your building. Our air flow experts provide an accurate recommendation regarding how our fans will affect the circulation in your warehouse.

When a corporation invests in industrial ceiling fans, it ensures a steady flow of air throughout the structure. The sweaty, exhausted employees below notice the air and immediately feel comfort. Their body temperature returns to normal, and they are better able to retain and use the energy required to perform their jobs effectively.

Using an Ameriwind fan in the winter is a great way to save energy and money while providing a more comfortable environment for your employees. Contact us today at 610-987-0488 to learn more about how we can help you create a custom big fan solution for your space.

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