Big Industrial Fans-When Bigger Is Better

Big industrial fans have taken the world by storm despite only being around for around 20 years. They provide an energy-efficient technique of keeping personnel comfortable in hot, humid warehouses as a less expensive alternative to air conditioning.

What are large industrial fans? How do they function? Are they worth the money?

How Large Is A Large Industrial Fan?

Large industrial fans, often known as HVLS or high-volume, low-speed fans, are enormous. They can be up to ten times larger than ordinary home fans, which have a diameter of roughly three feet (one meter). They range in diameter from 8 feet (2.4 meters, or the height of a young giraffe) to 30feet (9.1 meters, or the height of two fully grown giraffes).

Where Do You Apply Large Industrial Fans?

Why is it so big? It all comes down to air pressure. Smaller ceiling fans, such as those found in your house, have smaller motors and blades, providing enough pressure to circulate air through an area roughly the size of a bedroom, or about 200 square feet. However, if one of these fans were installed in a large facility, such as a warehouse, it would need to be more powerful to provide significant airflow, especially at floor level.

On the other hand, a giant industrial fan can circulate massive volumes of air over very broad regions, covering more than 20,000square feet. They are frequently seen in warehouses, gymnasiums, factory floors, repair shops, and other large industrial buildings.

Why Should You Use A Large Industrial Fan?

When a large space, such as a warehouse, becomes heated, it negatively influences the individuals who work inside. These conditions raise a person's body temperature, produce weariness, and can cause serious symptoms that impair a person's ability to focus and complete their work.

Because of the extraordinarily high cost of installation and operation, air conditioning is not an option for most businesses. Large industrial fans, however, can give tremendous relief by distributing consistent air flow throughout the facility. While the airflow does not actually lower the temperature inside, it does make people feel cooler, allowing their bodies to stay comfortable and their minds to focus on their work.

How To Select The Right Large Industrial Fan

Determining which fan(s) would function best in your building can be difficult, with dozens of manufacturers and hundreds of types to select from. Fortunately, AmeriWind Fans makes it simple to research your alternatives and select the ideal big industrial fan for your warehouse.

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When you deal with the AmeriWind Fans team, you will be in contact with an expert who can answer any of your questions and guide you through the decision process. It's simple, free, and actually rather enjoyable.


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