Big Industrial Ceiling Fans

People seek various things, including luxury SUVs, beach vacations, and feather boas. Then there are the things people require, such as safe shelter, medicine, and love.

Then there's a much shorter list of items we both need and want. Big industrial ceiling fans, particularly those manufactured by AmeriWind Fans, are one of these items.

Why do people adore AmeriWind fans? What is it about large industrial ceiling fans that some folks can't get enough of?

Who Requires Large Industrial Ceiling Fans?

First, consider why so many people require large warehouse fans. If you've ever worked on a large warehouse or factory floor, you're definitely aware of how hot it can be during the summer. It is common for warehouses to lack air conditioning; installing and operating A/C, particularly in hotter areas, is prohibitively expensive. We're talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars in just one year.

Companies prefer to avoid such costs, especially when margins are already razor-thin. However, a company's principal focus is the well-being of its personnel. Workers suffer when a warehouse becomes hot and stuffy. Their productivity suffers, their ability to focus deteriorates, and the state of their health becomes a significant problem.

Large industrial ceiling fans have become the go-to option for firms with overheated buildings. These gigantic fans are intended to circulate massive amounts of air around large places such as warehouses. They give much-needed relaxation for employees by distributing a constant breeze across the workspace, allowing them to be healthy, focused, and productive as possible.

Workers require large industrial ceiling fans for their comfort, while businesses require them to care for their employees, maintain high production, and increase profitability.

Who Would Like Large Industrial Ceiling Fans?

When people first see large industrial ceiling fans, they are nearly usually taken aback.

Their sheer magnitude is astonishing. AmeriWind Fans makes industrial ceiling fans ranging in size from 8 feet (2.4 meters) to 30 feet(9.1 meters). That's the height of two giraffes! Their gigantic airfoils (aka blades) generate the pressure required to propel airflow through a large space—in some structures, more than 40,000 square feet (12,000 square meters).

To turn those massive airfoils, a powerful motor and gear box are required. AmeriWind Fans manufactures the heaviest motor in the industry, capable of spinning those blades reliably—and quietly—for decades. Who wouldn't desire power like that?

Aside from the cool factor (pun intended), many choose large industrial ceiling fans because they are cost-effective. While costs and terms vary greatly, it is normal for businesses to spend less than $1 per day to operate one of these fans. Unlike HVAC systems, they do not consume much energy and will not deplete your operating budget.


If you've determined you need and want a large industrial ceiling fan, the airflow specialists at AmeriWind Fans are the ideal place to start. Our staff can assist you in the decision process by describing the benefits of each fan model and the available choices.

AmeriWind Fans is the best maker of large industrial ceiling fans (commonly known as HVLS, or high-volume/low-speed fans) in the world. People want and require the effective, efficient results provided by AmeriWind equipment.


Using an Ameriwind fan in the winter is a great way to save energy and money while providing a more comfortable environment for your employees. Contact us today at 610-987-0488 to learn more about how we can help you create a custom big fan solution for your space.

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