Big Fans Matter: When Should You Use A Large Industrial Fan?

When you first saw a massive industrial fan, you probably responded like everyone else. Your mouth dropped open. You looked at me. Pointed. "Wow, that fan is enormous!" you exclaimed.

You were probably at ease in whatever warehouse, factory, gymnasium, or other large environments you were in, whether you noticed it or not. This is because massive industrial fans are intended to work in huge structures.

What exactly are these types of fans? Why are they so massive? Do you require a large industrial fan?

What Exactly Is An Industrial Fan?

Ceiling fans have been in existence for approximately 150 years. They've grown commonplace in homes, offices, and stores worldwide. You almost certainly have at least one in your home.

However, installing a typical ceiling fan in a warehouse is unlikely to make a difference. This is because standard 3- or 4-foot fans aren't large or strong enough to provide airflow beyond 200 or 300 square feet(about the size of a typical bedroom).

A standard ceiling fan will not make a visible difference in industrial facilities such as warehouses (which average 50,000 square feet or more). At best, they're decorative.

Then, around 20 years ago, several astute engineers began experimenting with a new type of ceiling fan for larger rooms. These fans had stronger motors, more robust parts and materials, and were much larger—far larger—than their domestic counterparts. These heavy-duty devices, known as HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) fans, were designed primarily for industrial situations where the environment could be harsh and the demands on their performance extreme.

How big are massive industrial fans? Most are 8 to 24 feet(2.4 to 7.3 meters) in diameter, with AmeriWind Fans offering the largest industrial ceiling fan on the market at 30 feet (9.1 meters). That's the width of a standard volleyball net or the length of a school bus.

When Should A Large Industrial Fan Be Used?

A large industrial fan should be used if your warehouse, factory, or other industrial complex is 10,000 square feet or larger.

If your warehouse becomes too hot or cold and lacks HVAC, you should utilize a large industrial fan.

If your staff are unable to concentrate on their work due to the hot, humid, and/or dusty circumstances in your warehouse, you should install a large industrial fan.

If you have HVAC in your warehouse but want to supplement it with a more energy-efficient system, you should utilize a large industrial fan.

You should utilize a large industrial fan if you want your warehouse workers to be comfortable and productive.

If you want to save energy and minimize your electric cost, you should utilize a large industrial fan. If your warehouse's ceiling is at least 15 feet high, you should install a massive industrial warehouse fan.

Contact Our Experts To Decide

You can determine whether a massive industrial fan is appropriate for your massive industrial structure. When you call one of AmeriWind Fans' airflow specialists, we'll walk you through the process of determining which fan is best for your space.

We'll even assess your building dimensions and design a plan for how industrial fans will affect air circulation in your operation. It's a simple and complementary approach to ensure that your investment in our massive industrial fans will provide benefits.

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