How HVLS Ceiling Fans Help Control Moisture

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Humidity and temperature? You'd think they're just about whether you should take a sweater to work or not. But for the commercial or industrial business owner, they're more - much more. They manage the facility's temperature, especially where too much moisture can turn into a ticking time bomb for your goods.

Ever seen a perfectly good perishable item spoiled due to mold or bacterial growth, due to too much moisture? Or did you notice your staff unconformably self-fanning like they’re in a sauna? This is what extreme humidity looks like.

Good thing you have the High- Volume, Low-Speed (HVLS) fans to your rescue. These engineering wonders are incredibly effective for such challenging environments. They even solve the humidity and temperature issues you have at your warehouse.

HVLS Ceiling Fans: What are these?

Imagine walking through an industrial building and noticing a huge ceiling fan. These fans have a whooping diameter of 7 to 24 feet. Not your average ceiling fan, right? These are called high-volume, low-speed fans, or HVLS fans, and they're your allies for indoor climate control.

From their name, these machines move slowly, ranging at 60 to 200 Revolutions per Minute (RPM). But don't let their slow motion fool you. These giant fans can push significant volumes of air downward.

HVLS Ceiling Fans+ HVAC System: Powerful Combo against Humidity

HVLS fans – they're not just your everyday cooling equipment. They are a powerhouse when paired with other HVAC devices like heaters, air conditioners, and air circulators.

But why are HVLS fans an essential add-on to your climate-controlling arsenal?

It all lies in their power to optimize airflow both during summer and winter. When summer heat waves strike, your HVLS fans work perfectly well with air conditioners.  They effectively spread the cool air generated by the ACs throughout your space. This significantly lower temperatures. Meanwhile, during the colder months, they evenly distribute heat. This ensures a comfortable temperature.

Why you should use HVLS Fans: Its Benefits

HVLS Fan’s ability to control humidity adds several other benefits. Here are some of them:

Protects against spoilage

Food and untreated wood are some examples of things in your inventory that may be vulnerable to mold and bacterial growth. And the worst part is it leads to business losses. The culprit? High humidity. HVLS fans control these moist conditions to avoid such damage.

Prevents rusting and corrosion

Metals in your building, such as the infrastructure, tools, and equipment, start to corrode when the humidity level is too high. With the humidity control of HVLS fans, you're effectively putting up a shield against such damage.

Lowers perceived temperature

There's something about an overly humid environment that simply gets under your skin - quite literally. It makes your surroundings sticky, sweaty, and downright uncomfortable. However, thanks to HVLS fans' ability to create a cooling effect, you'll feel that the temperature is 10 degrees colder. That's not all, though. They aid in eliminating that unwanted sticky feeling by lowering the amount of moisture in the air.

Minimizes energy bills

By working harmoniously with your HVAC system, these fans bring about year-round energy cost reductions. They help tailor your work environment to the perfect temperature, without racking up a hefty utility bill.

Improves air quality

Have you ever given any thought to the quality of the air you breathe indoors? Stagnant air is the one thing you definitely don't want. This, combined with excess moisture creates a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and a variety of germs and viruses. The results? allergies, respiratory discomfort, and even a rise in the spread of viral illnesses . However, you may successfully stop these irritants with HVLS fans, encouraging a healthy air environment.

Reduces Safety Risks

The advantages of HVLS fans go beyond air quality. They are essential to maintaining the safety of your spaces. Stale air and unregulated temperatures can result in a variety of risks. Some of these risks include malfunctioning machinery and slippery floors That's where the genius of HVLS fans comes in. By stirring up the air and promoting faster moisture evaporation, they create an environment that's not just comfortable, but safe too.

What to look for in an HVLS Fan

Here are some features you should look into when selecting an HVLS fan for your space.

Fan Controllers

One quick piece of advice: pay attention to the controls. The control options for HVLS fans can significantly alter your experience.

Different fans come with different control options. Some controllers are advanced enough to manage an entire armada of industrial fans. That's right - one controller for all the fans. Just imagine the convenience this seamless integration offers. Some controllers are even equipped with environmental sensors.  These nifty devices monitor environmental changes and respond in real-time. It’s like having your personal weather station working hand in hand with your fans.

Fan Size & Quantity

Consider your space's size when deciding the number of fans. It goes without saying that industrial fans function better than commercial ones at promoting airflow. But you could not get the desired airflow if you cut back on the number of fans.

Fan Positioning

Think about your building's layout. The free flow of air may be impeded by obstructions like lighting fixtures, columns, and additional HVAC equipment. To avoid potential obstacles, smart positioning is essential. Be careful because where you place your fan is just as important as the fan itself.

Experience Safety & Comfort with AmeriWind

Count on AmeriWind to supply high-caliber HVLS fans for your commercial spaces. By installing fans that function in tandem with your existing HVAC system, you’ll have that moisture under control.

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