AmeriWind vs. Big Ass Fans

When it comes to big industrial fans, I often get asked, What are the differences between AmerWind  and Big Ass fans?  We both offer high-quality, durable products that can move a lot of air. We are writing this from AmeriWind’s perspective, but what are the differences between the two? Let's take a look:
1.The color.
The most significant difference is that AmeriWind fan tips are red.Big Ass Fan’s motors and tips are trademarked yellow.
2.AmeriWind save you $$$.
Its been proven that large brands often spend a significant amount on advertising. For example a 15%  advertising expense means your$7000 purchase blows $1000 in the wind on advertising because those expenses get passed onto you as a consumer. With us as a smaller company we are able to give you a more personalized experience and don't have near the budget. It makes us more efficient and saves you$$.
3. Heavy blades and fan bodies.
After working with other fan brands, we discovered design changes to optimize fan design.  A common problem was blades and hubs fatiguing from crosswinds until they broke. We used those past experiences when we designed AmeriWind fans. We designed thicker walled blades with internal supports and 5/16th steel hubs. These improvements make them strong enough for open-sided agriculture buildings. It also eliminates unsightly guy wires in many installations.
4. Gearbox elimination.
Gearboxes are great while they work, but after eight years, we experienced issues. The shaft goes straight down through the oil sump in HVLS fan applications. Fans are up at the ceiling, and leaks don't get noticed until too late. Minor oil leaks took out gearboxes.
We have decided gearbox shafts need to come out of the sides. Then a leak will only drain some of the oil. There is no way to do this with HVLS fans. We decided to eliminate oil problems by only using direct magnet propulsion.
When it comes to big industrial fans, call us. We offer high-quality fans at a fraction of the cost.
What does eliminating stale air in your facility mean? Together we can figure out how to get air moving! Big fans work. Call us today at 610 987 0488  or click to get a quote.
AmeriWind is not affiliated with Big Ass Fans.